Please Help Us Help You!

As a non-profit association of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD Canada needs help in "spreading the word". Helping us need not be onerous. It can be as simple as sending us the name, key contact and address of your pulmonary rehab centre.

We seek to build a national network of individuals who can move the COPD awareness agenda to the forefront of public concern. To do this - we need to build membership. To build membership, we need COPD patients to receive our newsletter and visit this web site and sign up.

COPD Canada would like to send bulk copies of our "Living with COPD" newsletter to rehab facilities from coast-to-coast. So - you can help.  Send us the information and we'll send copies of the newsletter to your rehab centre. We can also say that the copies of "Living with COPD" have been sent with YOUR compliments.

Please e-mail the name of the rehab clinic and clinic supervisor, address, and telephone number (for courier purposes only) to: 

Thanks again for joining our association. 

*Please note: COPD Canada has not and will not rent or give out the names of our members or the rehab clinics who help us distribute our newsletters to COPD patients.